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Implant dentistry

Dental implants Berlin - A safe method for long-lasting tooth replacement
When a tooth has been severely damaged or lost completely, the question of tooth replacement arises. This is especially in demand in the anterior region for aesthetic reasons, but also in the masticatory region for functional reasons.

A gapless smile is considered an ideal of beauty and helps to achieve a healthy self-confidence. There are different possibilities to replace a missing tooth or even several teeth. Depending on your health conditions, implants or bridges may be considered.
What are dental implants?
Dental implants are small screws made of titanium or zirconium oxide that serve as a replacement for the tooth root. They are placed in the upper or lower jaw to replace the affected tooth roots. After the treatment, they heal into the bone in a normal healing process of about 2 - 6 months and serve as an anchorage for the tooth replacement, which can be bridges or crowns, for example.

They can be implanted in the conventional way or navigationally with the Nobel Guide® system (see below).

Individual, prior therapy planning ensures the healing of the implants. Digital volume tomography (for a three-dimensional image) and the titanium stimulation test (for compatibility) are part of our spectrum for every tooth replacement treatment.
How much do dental implants cost in Berlin?
The costs for an implant tooth replacement vary. Various factors, such as the number of teeth to be replaced, are included in the calculation. Also, in some cases, preparatory procedures are necessary before the implants are placed. Usually, the surgical procedure, the placement of the posts and the build-up of the replacement teeth are charged extra.

You can make an appointment with us for a preliminary examination. After the preliminary examination, we at the Zahnzentrum in Berlin will give you a non-binding cost estimate.
Are the costs for implants covered?

Implants are partially covered by statutory health insurance. How high this share is depends on the respective health insurance company and benefits. In hardship cases, such as a low income, the statutory health insurance may cover the entire amount.

All-on-4 from Nobel Biocare is the attractive prosthetic solution; immediate loading, fixed prosthesis, suitable for any bone quantity.

This restoration for edentulous jaws is a treatment procedure in which implants are placed at an angle in the posterior region. This approach facilitates optimal prosthetic support for a resin bridge, which can be fabricated and functional within hours of surgery. "All-on-4″ is based on Nobel Biocareinnovative Immediate Function™ technique. 

Nobel Guide for use in surgical procedures aiming at a low complication healing process has been developed by Nobel Biocare. The Nobel Guide® system is based on largely computer-assisted planning of the surgical procedure and the fabrication of the dental prosthesis. For this purpose, the position of the implants is determined virtually on the screen on the basis of two special X-ray images - the computer tomograms. This planning is precisely transferred to the jawbone with the help of a custom-made template. The advantage of this surgical method is also that opening the gums is largely unnecessary. 

The result of such a minimally invasive procedure is less discomfort after the operation. As a consistent further development, the Cad/Cam fabrication of the later tooth replacement already takes place before the operation with the help of the Procera® technique.

As an alternative, you can also opt for ceramic implants. You can read about the advantages and possible risks in this article.

For whom are implants suitable?

Because dental implants are fixed directly into the jawbone through a surgical procedure, they are not suitable for everyone. The first requirement is that bone growth must be complete. This means that dental implants are generally unsuitable for children and adolescents. But adults also need to have a stable state of health before they can consider implants. You should not use dental implants if you:

  • - Suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes
  • - Have an acute cancer
  • - Are addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • - Take certain medications
  • - Have certain blood disorders
  • - Have incomplete bone growth
  • - Smoke (this can affect wound healing)
  • - Have a bone disease
  • - Have tooth decay or periodontal disease

If you are unsure whether dental implants are safe for you, you can make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation with us at Zahnzentrum Mitte. After the examination, we will advise you in detail about possible risks and which treatment options are suitable for you.

A bridge or implants? How do I find the right denture?
As an alternative to a fixed implant, which has to be surgically fixed into the jawbone, bridges can also be considered. Because these are not operated directly into the jawbone, but are anchored to the adjacent teeth, they are suitable as tooth replacements for more people and have fewer health risks than dental implants. However, in order to close a gap between teeth with a bridge, there must be enough tooth material because the bridge needs strong and stable abutments to fill the space in between. These teeth must be natural to serve as abutment or anchor teeth. In addition, these teeth must be healthy and undamaged. In addition to this requirement, bridges have disadvantages.
What disadvantages do bridges have in contrast to implants?

One disadvantage that bridges have is that the adjacent teeth have to be ground down to fix the bridge. Because the bridge is not anchored in the bone where it can be held, the adjacent teeth have to be ground down to hold it in place.

You also need to maintain good oral hygiene after the bridge is in place. Food residues and bacteria can collect between the bridge and the gums. This can easily lead to infections and inflammations.

It is also possible that the prosthesis does not fit properly and thus causes an insecure feeling when eating.

Is the cost of bridges covered?

Bridges are usually half covered by statutory health insurance. There is also the possibility of full cost coverage in cases of hardship. If you are not sure which dental prosthesis is suitable for you, you can make an appointment for a consultation with us. We will be happy to advise you and help you make the best decision for your teeth.


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Implantologie in Berlin: Moderne Zahnmedizin für ein natürliches Lächeln

Ein gesundes, strahlendes Lächeln kann das Selbstbewusstsein stärken und das allgemeine Wohlbefinden fördern. Doch was tun, wenn ein Zahn verloren geht? Hier kommt die Implantologie ins Spiel, ein Bereich der Zahnmedizin, der sich mit dem Einsetzen von Zahnimplantaten beschäftigt. Im Zahnzentrum Mitte, zentral gelegen in Alt-Moabit 82, 10555 Berlin, sind wir Experten auf dem Gebiet der Implantologie und bieten innovative Lösungen für Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse.

Die Implantologie hat in den letzten Jahren enorme Fortschritte gemacht und bietet heute sichere und dauerhafte Alternativen zum Zahnersatz. Zahnimplantate fungieren als künstliche Zahnwurzeln, die fest im Kiefer verankert sind und auf denen Kronen, Brücken oder Prothesen befestigt werden können. Das Ergebnis? Ein natürlich aussehendes und funktionierendes Lächeln.

Egal ob Sie aus Mitte, Charlottenburg, Neukölln, Kreuzberg oder einem anderen Bezirk Berlins stammen, wir im Zahnzentrum Mitte begrüßen Patienten aus der gesamten Hauptstadt und bieten eine erstklassige zahnmedizinische Versorgung. Die Vorteile der Implantologie sind vielfältig: Neben einem ästhetisch ansprechenden Ergebnis bieten Implantate auch Funktionalität und Komfort. Sie fühlen sich an und funktionieren wie natürliche Zähne, ermöglichen normales Kauen und Sprechen und erhalten das natürliche Knochengewebe des Kiefers.

Berlin, eine Stadt der Innovation und des Fortschritts, verdient den besten zahnmedizinischen Standard. Das Zahnzentrum Mitte hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, genau diesen Standard zu bieten. Unsere Experten in der Implantologie verwenden modernste Techniken und Materialien, um sicherzustellen, dass unsere Patienten die bestmögliche Behandlung erhalten.

Wenn Sie mehr über die Möglichkeiten der Implantologie erfahren möchten und wie sie Ihnen zu einem vollständigen, schönen Lächeln verhelfen kann, besuchen Sie uns in Alt-Moabit 82. Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie auf Ihrem Weg zu einem gesunden Lächeln zu begleiten.