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Acupuncture treatment

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing methods in the history of mankind. It was used in China more than 4000 years ago. Today we know that acupuncture is a reflex therapy. Via certain acupuncture points, disorders in associated organs or other structures can be positively influenced.
The application of acupuncture in dentistry today: The best indication for acupuncture in dentistry is pain therapy. Acupuncture should not be seen as an alternative, but as an excellent complement to conventional medicine...

What are the applications of acupuncture at the dentist?
Acupuncture helps to achieve faster pain relief and healing than is possible with conventional medicine alone. Therefore, we offer the use of acupuncture before and during dental treatment. Examples of acupuncture treatment are: Pain reduction during caries removal, nerve inflammation, crown preparation, periodontal therapy or tooth removal. In addition, we also offer acupuncture as a follow-up treatment (such as for discomfort after crown preparations, inflammation and swelling after surgical procedures in the treatment of lockjaw). Other areas of application of acupuncture are: Therapy of neuralgia, relaxation and relief of the patient with anxiety and gag reflex, support of the treatment of pain of the temporomandibular joint in teeth grinding (bruxism) and functional disorders.

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