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5 tips against Corona

The coronavirus is spreading faster and faster. Even in Berlin we already have several infected people. Accordingly, the concern is great and a personal precaution even more important. Therefore we from the dental center Mitte have for you 5 Tipps collected how you can preventively protect yourself from corona and other diseases.

  • Do not panic

Even if it should come to an infection, so far the virus runs very harmless and is dangerous only for previously ill, whose immune system is already burdened and older people.

  • Hands washing

thoroughly and for at least 20 seconds.

Here you will find a list of songs whose choruses last about 20 seconds. You can sing them while washing your hands to know how long 20 seconds last.

  • If you have to sneeze then?

Then best into the crook of your arm. Or in a handkerchief, which you then best disposed of directly.

  • Shake hands only if you can not avoid it

and then immediately wash or disinfect hands.

  • For fever or cough

It is best to stay at home. It is most likely even then just a common cold or flu, but better safe than sorry. Try to avoid personal contact to contact the doctor by phone. This will prevent you from infecting other patients.